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Care & Maintenance

A LivingSpace sunroom will fill your home with natural light, making it the perfect place to relax. Entertain your guests while taking in the fall colors, or gaze at the stars on a clear winter night. Whatever your pastime, you’ll be able to enjoy it in your sunroom for years to come. With all the memories you’ll be making in your new space, the occasional clutter is to be expected. Not to worry, a little TLC with sunroom-safe cleaning products and your space will feel brand new again.

Tools for Cleaning Your Sunroom

You won’t need to clean your sunroom often, but when you do, be sure to use tools that will get the job done. We suggest using a sponge and soft cloth for windows and doors. You can use a soft bristle brush on our PulTrex Framing System, and a cleaning wand or power washer on harder to reach places.


Soft Cloth

Cleaning Wand

Soft Bristle Brush

TIP: Algae will grow on places where there isn’t direct sunlight

Our Process

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In-Home Design Consultation

One of our premiere partners will conduct an In-Home consultation to discuss all your sunroom project ideas.


Behind the scenes, your sunroom is being built at the LivingSpace Sunrooms headquarters in Maumee, Ohio.


Our Premier Partners will spend 2-3 weeks installing your sunroom with their experienced team.

Care & Maintenance

Cleaning and decorating your sunroom is no more involved than taking care of the rest of your home.

Sunroom Care & Maintenance FAQ

Yes, a LivingSpace sunroom with a glass roof will be usable in the summer. The glass used in LivingSpace’s glass roofs is insulated to reflect a majority of infrared heat, keeping your sunroom cool and usable throughout the summer.
We would not recommend painting your sunroom. We offer vinyl components in custom paint colors from the factory, made with specialty paints designed to bond with vinyl. Painting a finished vinyl sunroom outside of a controlled environment would likely be difficult, yield poor results, and may void the warranty against fading and cracking.
Any type of furniture can be put into a LivingSpace sunroom with correct planning. Working with the designers and engineers beforehand to determine the use of the sunroom will be an important factor dictating which furniture you can use in the room.
Absolutely. Many sunroom owners decide to include a fireplace in the original build of their addition, often requiring only simple changes to the design.
We use top-quality windows to block damaging UV rays from entering into your sunroom. However, your furniture may fade over a long period of time due to constant exposure to sunlight. We suggest using indoor/outdoor fabrics to decorate your furniture to help delay fading.
Yes, sunrooms and conservatories can be used to enclose a pool. LivingSpace is able to completely customize your sunroom based on your plans. Other people have built sunrooms to utilize as a pool house for people to change, shower, or entertain friends and family.
LivingSpace’s sunrooms can be used for a variety of purposes. Plants thrive within a sunroom because of the sunlight exposure and window protection.
You can’t install a doggie door into a glass knee wall, but you can install a doggie door into a vinyl knee wall. Those who want a doggie door would need to ensure there is an appropriate section in the sunroom that would permit it.

We Warranty Our Product Because It's The Best​

We’re so confident in your sunroom’s durability that we warranty it twice. You’ll
have complete coverage in case anything doesn’t meet your standards, as will
the next person that lives in the home.

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