Warranty Registration

The LivingSpace Sunrooms warranty guarantees peace of mind. Register your warranty today to complete your coverage.

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LivingSpace Sunroom, LLC (“LivingSpace”) warrants to the original consumer purchaser (the “Consumer”) and the first transferee (the “Transferee”) that the LivingSpace sunrooms components manufactured by LivingSpace Sunrooms, LLC listed below shall be free from manufacturing defects. The warranty period starts upon completion of the LivingSpace sunroom installation. In addition to purchasing a LivingSpace sunroom, the consumer must also complete online the Twice Lifetime Warranty Registration within ninety (90) days from the installation date. 

  • PulTrex Framing System
  • Doors
  • Decking
  • Windows
  • Life Roof Panel System (where applicable)

This warranty is transferable one time as provided in this paragraph. In the event that the original Consumer sells the building or property on which the LivingSpace sunroom has been installed, this warranty may be transferred to that subsequent purchaser. For that transfer to become effective, however, the Warranty Transfer Form must be completed online within ninety (90) days of the date of the sale of the building, along with a transfer fee of fifty dollars ($50.00), payable to LivingSpace Sunrooms, LLC. 

Should the LivingSpace sunroom be other than as warranted during the applicable warranty period, LivingSpace Sunrooms, LLC at its sole option, will repair or replace the defective components of the LivingSpace sunroom as well as any other component which must also be repaired or replaced in order to properly repair or replace the defective components. LivingSpace Sunrooms LLC’s obligation to pay, however, shall be limited to these limits: 

  • Maximum repair or replacement cost to LivingSpace Sunrooms, LLC shall be the replacement cost of the defective components  
  • Additional predetermined labor warranty fees credited to a good standing LivingSpace Premier Partner’s account 
  • The remedy described above, or, at the option of LivingSpace Sunrooms, LLC, its monetary equivalent will be the only remedy available to the consumer for defective components of the LivingSpace sunroom.

Coverage hereunder is limited to the original Consumer and first Transferee and is subject to the conditions and limitations outlined in this agreement. Should the glass unit in your LivingSpace window unit break or crack, LivingSpace will provide a replacement sealed glass unit and warrants the labor and replacement components provided by LivingSpace and its Affiliates, as is necessary to replace the damaged glass unit. This warranty is limited by causes beyond normal use including, but not limited to: Acts of God, fire, flood, or exposure to chemicals. Removal of the glass unit from the premises, or modifications to the window performed by entities other than LivingSpace or its Affiliates will invalidate this warranty. 

This warranty does not ally to, and LivingSpace Sunrooms, LLC shall not be liable for, any claims based on or arising from: 

  • The LivingSpace sunroom being or having been subject to abnormal conditions, including exposure to chemical fumes, vibrations, or abuse to the product itself. 
  • Components of a LivingSpace sunroom and/or labor not provided by LivingSpace Sunrooms, LLC; 
  • Causes beyond normal use including, but not limited to: Acts of God, fire, flood, exposure to chemicals, physical abuse or misuse, alterations made after completion of installation, any cause other than manufacturing defects in the LivingSpace sunroom components, unless otherwise stated in this agreement. 

Any implied warranty, including warranty of fitness for a particular use or purpose, and warranty of merchantability, is limited in duration to the express warranty provided herein unless a shorter period is permitted by law. LivingSpace Sunrooms, LLC shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages, except where explicitly stated otherwise in this agreement, or for damage to the building, its contents or its occupants. This warranty contains all of the provisions of your remedies from LivingSpace Sunrooms, LLC. LivingSpace Sunrooms, LLC’s liability is limited to the provisions of this warranty, whether any claim against it is based upon strict liability, negligence, breach of warranty or any other theory of cause of action. 

Some states do not allow limitations of how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion of incidental or consequential damage so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. 

Claims pursuant to this warranty must be submitted online, together with proof of purchase and installation date, at LivingSpaceSunrooms.com within thirty (30) days after the discovery of the alleged defect. Within thirty (30) days after the receipt of the Consumer’s written claim, a LivingSpace Sunrooms, LLC representative will contact the Consumer to investigate the claim. This warranty certificate signed distributed by LivingSpace Sunrooms, LLC and dated as of completion of installation will help establish proof of purchase. Call 1-(419) 866-7705 for more information regarding the LivingSpace Sunrooms, LLC Elements Sunroom warranty administration. 

This Limited Warranty may not be changed or modified. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.