The Foleys (2:06)

The Foley family recently downsized their home, but they realized they missed the added sunlight that came with their old patio room. Knowing this, they decided to look into building a sunroom onto the back of their new house. The couple worked with LivingSpace Detroit and created a room that flows with the rest of the house and is used through all four of Michigan’s seasons.

The Swicks (2:01)

The Swicks were looking to add a sunroom to their home and they wanted top of the line materials and service. After finding LivingSpace they knew they’d not only get both of those things but much more. The Swicks were impressed by how fast their questions were answered, plus the delivery and building timeline. 

The Stocks (2:06)

The Stocks say when it came to deciding which company to go with for their sunroom the decision was simple after learning about LivingSpace and Home Town Restyling. What sold them was the fact that LivingSpace took time to educate rather than sell the product. The Stocks also say they appreciated the process being easy and laidback and would recommend our sunrooms to anyone.

Londa Suter (1:38)

Londa Suter is a plant lover, so she knows just how important natural light can be in your home for plants survival. It’s why she chose LivingSpace Sunrooms. Before the sunroom addition Suter says her home lacked any natural light. Once the sunroom was added she could tell just how well insulated it was by the way her plants were thriving. Plus, being from Iowa she loves that she can enjoy the outdoors all four seasons.

The Kubrickys (1:25)

It took three years of research for the Kubrickys to land on a sunroom and who did they choose? LivingSpace Sunrooms. They were sold after seeing the quality while looking at our displays, they say no other competitor compared to our quality standards. After their long process of choosing a sunroom, they have no complaints and are very proud to show it off to family and friends.