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6 Tips For Choosing the Right Contractor

September 7, 2018 By Living Space remodeling project can give your friends and family a space to enjoy throughout the year. For example, LivingSpace’s customers often remark that their sunrooms are the most popular rooms in the home. So a ne …

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The rundown: Tackling building codes and permits

August 31, 2018 By Living Space

The purpose of building codes One obstacle homeowners face when planning for home additions is the area’s strict building codes. Building codes regulate the procedures and details of construction. The International Code Council (ICC) maintains these co …

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LivingSpace’s Sunroom Collections Offer Variety of Selections

August 21, 2018 By Living Space

LivingSpace Sunrooms offers three remarkable sunroom collections, each designed to help different homeowners complete their dream home. The three collections offer different customization options while maintaining LivingSpace’s commitment to quality. T …

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What are our sunroom’s made of? The LivingSpace Demo Kit

August 17, 2018 By Living Space

At LivingSpace, we create premium, energy-efficient sunrooms that you can use year-round. We do this by using the most innovative materials in the industry. In this demo kit walk-through video, our Director of Marketing, Trevor Calero, showcases our pi …

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A Ridge Beam Provides Support to your Sunroom

August 14, 2018 By Living Space

By code, ridge beams are typically necessary in LivingSpace’s Cathedral style sunrooms. The ridge beam is used for structural support on roofs with a pitch of 3:12 or below. For reference, pitches become steeper as they rise in value, meaning a 6:12 pi …

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Building A Sunroom for Year-Round Use

August 14, 2018 By Living Space

Quick tips for all-seasons sunroom constructionA sunroom helps you expand your home’s interior further into the Great Outdoors. But what happens when scorching summer heat or frigid winters make the outdoors seem a lot less great? When building a sunro …

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Why OSB is the best wood product for your sunroom

August 10, 2018 By Living Space

We use a lot of 3-letter acronyms in the sunroom industry, but one you might hear bandied about the most is OSB, which stands for Oriented Strand Board. Since we use this material so often, we figured we’d give you the 101 on OSB and break it down to t …

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Using Vinyl-Fiberglass Composite vs. Aluminum for Sunroom Installation

August 8, 2018 By Living Space

LivingSpace is the only manufacturer on the market building composite sunrooms made with vinyl and fiberglass reinforcement. Vinyl is an excellent insulator, making it highly energy efficient. Fiberglass gives the sunroom strength and durability. Most …

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LED Recess Lights

August 3, 2018 By Living Space

How They Work Nothing beats the rich natural light that sunrooms allow in. Once the sun sets, however, you’ll need adequate indoor lighting to protect you from stubbed toes and perilously misplaced legos. The challenge with lighting a sunroom is that r …

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How Long Does It Take to Build a Sunroom?

August 2, 2018 By Living Space

One of the most common questions we hear from homeowners considering a sunroom addition is how long will it take to build? And with good reason! Large remodeling projects can be daunting, with the prospect of saws buzzing throughout the day as dust and …

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Are Sunrooms Insulated? A quick explanation of R-Value and U-Value

July 30, 2018 By Living Space

Reading Time: 4 minutes R-value and U-value are terms frequently used in construction and sunroom manufacturing. Both measure specific, important variables in a sunroom to help you better understand the quality of the product you are considering. Howev …

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Sunroom skylights: why you should fill your sunroom with additional light

July 20, 2018 By Living Space

Reading Time: 4 minutes What are sunroom skylights? Sunroom skylights are light transmitting elements that help form the roof of a home. They bring natural light into the sunroom through the use of glass or polycabronate materials. Open skylights were …

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5 Rooms Needing Sunroom Furniture

July 13, 2018 By Living Space

Reading Time: 3 minutes  Sunroom Furniture Options A LivingSpace sunroom is versatile, and it is a popular area within the home for people to congregate. Due to this, it is important to decorate it with the sunroom furniture that will optimize your roo …

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Conservatory Greenhouses: 10 Reasons to Consider

July 6, 2018 By Living Space

History of Conservatory Greenhouses Conservatory greenhouses have grown unique plants uncommon to the area throughout history. Conservatory greenhouses originated in northern Europe during the seventeenth century. Wealthy landowners utilized them to cu …

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Make a Television Room out of your Sunroom

July 2, 2018 By Living Space

Reading Time: 4 minutes A sunroom is likely to become the most trafficked room in your home once it is constructed. Consequently, it will be important to plan the right way to utilize the added square footage. The functionality of the sunroom will dict …

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Minimalist Living Room Makes Interior Design Elegant

June 26, 2018 By Living Space

Reading Time: 4 minutes A sunroom is likely to become the most trafficked room in your home once it is constructed. Consequently, it will be important to plan the right way to utilize the added square footage. The functionality of the sunroom will dict …

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3 Differences Between a Conservatory and a Sunroom

June 5, 2018 By Living Space

Reading Time: 2 minutes When you are considering adding a living space to your home, you might come across sunrooms and conservatories. Although some people use the terms interchangeably, they are actually quite different. Regardless of their differenc …

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Enhance Your Local Sales By Building Trust Within the Community

May 29, 2018 By Living Space

ENHANCE YOUR LOCAL SALES BY BUILDING TRUST WITHIN THE COMMUNITY Reading Time: 5 minutes Whether you are doing business in a busy metropolis or a suburban region, chances are that there are several remodeling companies that are all vying for the busines …

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Packaging a Product for Greater Customer Satisfaction

May 22, 2018 By Living Space

Reading Time: 4 minutes You know that feeling of excitement and value that you get when you buy an expensive product that is beautifully packaged? The consumer experience is more than just the actual product you receive, it is, quite literally, the exp …

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Utilizing an All Seasons Room During the Winter

May 15, 2018 By Living Space

Utilizing an All Seasons Room During the Winter Reading Time: 2 minutes An all seasons room is ideal for expanding home space, enjoying views, and creating the perfect addition for family get-togethers. Often in cold weather climates, many assume that …

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