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Transform your covered patio into a space that can be used throughout the year. LivingSpace’s Integrated sunroom is available to turn an existing structure into a sunroom while maintaining the original design of the home. By adding panoramic windows, you can make your home feel brand new.

Customization Options

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Double Slider

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Tilt & Slide

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Enjoying the Experience of LivingSpace's Integrated Sunroom

LivingSpace’s Integrated sunroom is unique, as it reinvents a room that already exists within your home. Because of this, the room maintains all the aspects you love while adding an expansive view. Additionally, you can maximize the room’s
use throughout the year with our top-quality building materials.

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Our Process

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One of our Premier Partners will meet with you in your home to discuss your ideas and design your sunroom.
Behind the scenes, your sunroom is being built at the LivingSpace Sunrooms headquarters in Maumee, Ohio
Our Premier Partners will spend 2-3 weeks installing your sunroom with their experienced team.
A sunroom can be a great place to spend your afternoons. Cleaning and decorating it will help it stay that way.


The LivingSpace sunroom is an investment in your home, and it is built to maintain its value. We offer a variety of payment plans to those looking for financing options. Check with your dealer to see if they are available in your area.

Integrated Sunrooms FAQ

How much space do I need to build a sunroom?

Can I install skylights?

How will my sunroom hold up in inclement weather?

What type of glass is used in a sunroom?

LivingSpace Sunrooms is able to adjust your sunroom to fit the space you wish. It is suggested that you fully understand how the sunroom will be used before you build it. Think of another room in your home that serves a similar purpose to what you want for your sunroom. 


Sunroom Components

Composite reinforced PVC extrusion

Alloy reinforced PVC

Composite reinforced PVC extrusion

Patented Amalon connection system

LivingSpace Sunrooms

Aluminum Sunrooms

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