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Model Characteristics

While all LivingSpace’s sunrooms are customizable, the Specialty sunroom is a better option to tailor to your most unique ideas. If you can dream it, our expert team and advanced technology will bring that dream alive.

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Customize your Specialty

LivingSpace’s Specialty sunroom gives you the satisfaction of sitting in your own creation. Host parties in your two-story sunroom or place a television on one of your six walls by customizing it. French doors, tilt and slide windows, translucent roofs, glass knee walls, and LED lights are just a few of the options that give you full control over your LivingSpace.

Specialty FAQs

A sunroom is an outdoor enclosure using large, spanning windows to emphasize the outdoors. Four season sunrooms are able to be used year-round. LivingSpace’s four season sunrooms use patented technology to help their sunrooms withstand inclimate weather. The sunrooms use vinyl and 3-Ply or 4-Ply insulation with a high R-value to ensure the sunrooms are true home additions that can be used year-round.
Building permits are based on the location of the customer. LivingSpace’s sunrooms are built to code, and dealers are experienced with obtaining building permits for these circumstances.
Yes. Our dealers are able to provide sunrooms with glass roofs through our elements package.
Aluminum is structurally sound and cost-effective, but it is not energy efficient. Aluminum is an excellent conductor of temperature heat. This means that owners of an aluminum sunroom will rely heavily on heating and cooling units. Vinyl-Fiberglass Composites are much more energy efficient while maintaining durability.

The LivingSpace Difference

Sunroom Components

Alloy reinforced PVC

Composite reinforced PVC extrusion

Patented Amalon connection system


Aluminum Competitors

Our Process

Take the first step with a free in-home design consultation with a design expert.


One of our premiere partners will conduct an in-home consultation to discuss all your sunroom project ideas.


Behind the scenes, your sunroom is being built at the LivingSpace Sunrooms headquarters in Maumee, OH. 


Our Premiere Partners will spend 2-3 weeks installing your sunroom with their experienced team.


Cleaning and decorating your sunroom is no more involved than taking care of the rest of your home.

Let's talk about your LivingSpace

Take the first step with a free in-home design consultation with a design expert.

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