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sunroom stories

Jim and Susan Nash have lived in their Milwaukee home for the past 44 years. During this time period, they’ve loved spending time in Wisconsin’s beautiful outdoors environment. Over the past few years, though, the summer’s heat and humidity have become too tiring to endure, and the Nash’s have been limited in the time they can spend in the sun. This frustrated the couple, and they brought the dilemma up with some of their neighborhood friends. These friends suggested a sunroom. By building a room filled with windows, they could still enjoy the sunshine and remain comfortable inside their air conditioned house.

The Nash’s liked this idea and started to meet with Milwaukee contractors to see what a sunroom could look like on their home. Through these meetings, they realized that a sunroom could really help transform their house and improve their moods. They continued learning more from contractors, but they decided to focus on the relationships they built during each consultation. This helped build their trust in the builder’ integrity and ability to build a reliable sunroom.

sunroom stories

“We did look around at other builders, but frankly, other than just giving it a real superficial look, we were looking at what the experience would be like. We spent a lot of time with Jude [of SE Wisconsin Sunrooms], and he was a very easy man to talk to; a real down to earth guy.” 

sunroom stories

Since they’ve had their sunroom, the Nash’s feel like it’s been more than they could have expected. Before their sunroom, they didn’t really appreciate the view to the south of their house. Now, they can look at it every single day.  

Even more than this view, though, Susan has loved the opportunity the sunroom has given her to show off her style. Susan had always wanted a natural stone floor because it makes a room feel like a beautiful painting. She realized during the consultations that a sunroom could provide the perfect place to turn this dream into a reality. So, she voiced this desire with SE Wisconsin Sunrooms. He was unable to fulfill the request, but he recommended another contractor for the job and planned this customization into the building process.

Now, the couple uses the sunroom to spend time together. Instead of keeping a television in the room, they’ve found enjoyment from books, meditation, and a glass or two of wine. 

“It’s a peaceful experience. Very tranquil, bright, airy, and invigorating. You feel good when you come into the room.” 

sunroom stories
sunroom stories

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