Your New Orlando Sunroom

Let the sun shine in your new Orlando sunroom! Energy efficient. Completely customizable. Built to last. Say hello to your new favorite room.

Sunroom Addition

If you’re thinking about increasing the square footage of your Orlando home, look no further than LivingSpace Sunrooms. A custom-built sunroom addition from the team at LivingSpace is a perfect compliment to your home. Our rooms are made with the finest composite materials of fiberglass and vinyl, and they are extremely energy efficient, allowing you to enjoy your home all year round.

"Fully" Custom

No off-the-shelf stock sizes or panels, no mixing and matching miscellaneous parts. All sunroom additions are individually designed and engineered.

Quick Install

Our custom sunrooms take only days (not weeks) to build on site and create very little disruption to your household routine.

Energy Efficient

From the foundation and flooring all the way up to roof and the exterior, we’ve got your sunroom addition insulated and protected with our EcoGreen system.

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A resplendent design that opens up the room, a cathedral sunroom offers homeowners an elegant and regal option to match their home.


An addition of a sunroom to your home that doesn't look like an attachment. Integrated sunrooms blend perfectly in with your home's exterior.


The Studio sunroom is a contemporary space that ushers in natural light. The single-eave roof makes it a clean fit for any home


If you can dream it, our expert team and patented technology can make it happen. The Specialty sunroom is available for your most unique ideas.

Orlando Four Season Sunroom

Whether it’s a balmy 100 degrees in the Orlando summer heat, or below zero in those crisp winter months, a home addition from LivingSpace will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. LivingSpace Sunrooms offers a true Orlando sunroom addition that can be used during all four seasons of the year.
Here are some of the benefits of the added benefits of a LivingSpace room:

– Energy Efficiency
– Durability
– Customizable
– Seamless Design and Installation Process

We'll help you create your dream
sunroom in Orlando, FL

Our rooms are the only sunroom available that is truly 100 percent customizable. Each and every one of our sunrooms is precision engineered in a controlled factory environment. After you work with your design consultant to measure and design the perfect sunroom addition for your home, those plans are sent to our in-house engineering team who then sketch up a perfect computer drawing of your sunroom. This CAD drawing then produces cut measurements for our advanced, precision-cutting machines. Every component of your Orlando sunroom is cut with exacting precision, not in your backyard on a makeshift saw horse. Your sunroom is cut and then checked multiple times to ensure it is exactly the desired length when it arrives at your home.

Not only are our lineals completely customized, but LivingSpace Sunrooms is also the only sunroom manufacturer that builds custom windows for every project. You wouldn’t use set sized windows for your home, so why would you consider that for your sunroom addition? The ability to design and build custom windows for your four-season sunroom addition allow us to provide a much higher percentage of glass. We aim to maximize glass exposure for your sunroom addition.

Four-season sunroom additions from LivingSpace Sunrooms offer advanced durability for your home. The use of composite materials produced from fiberglass and vinyl allow our sunrooms to be much stronger and more robust than a typical aluminum sunroom system. All of our sunrooms are able to meet energy code requirements anywhere in the United States. LivingSpace sunrooms are even able to withstand hurricane-force winds. At different times of the year, Florida has the potential to experience extreme winds and extreme weather conditions. A LivingSpace sunroom should be the only consideration for your Orlando home due to our ability to withstand strong gusts up to 150 mph.
Not only are our four-season rooms able to withstand immense winds, but they are also built to last. LivingSpace sunrooms last much longer than the typical aluminum sunroom system, and we back that up with a Lifetime Warranty.