Let the sun shine in with in your new Memphis sunroom!  Energy efficient. Completely customizable. Built to last. Say hello to your new favorite room.

Sunroom Addition

Considered the Barbecue Pork Capital of the World, Memphis backyards play host to some of the best gatherings of friends and families for backyard entertaining, anywhere in the world. With a LivingSpace sunroom, you can extend the boundaries of your home and bridge the divide between your interior space and the splendor of Memphis’s natural surroundings. Whether you’re seeking a spacious and inviting great room for dining with company, or a sunlit lounge to relax in, we build our sunrooms in Memphis to feel like they were in the original blueprint of your home.

"Fully" Custom

No off-the-shelf stock sizes or panels, no mixing and matching miscellaneous parts. All sunroom additions are individually designed and engineered.

Quick Install

Our custom sunrooms take only days (not weeks) to build on site and create very little disruption to your household routine.

Energy Efficient

From the foundation and flooring all the way up to roof and the exterior, we’ve got your sunroom addition insulated and protected with our EcoGreen system.

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A resplendent design that opens up the room, a cathedral sunroom offers homeowners an elegant and regal option to match their home.


An addition of a sunroom to your home that doesn't look like an attachment. Integrated sunrooms blend perfectly in with your home's exterior.


The Studio sunroom is a contemporary space that ushers in natural light. The single-eave roof makes it a clean fit for any home


If you can dream it, our expert team and patented technology can make it happen. The Specialty sunroom is available for your most unique ideas.

Memphis Four Season Sunroom

LivingSpace Sunrooms is the only provider of true precision-fabricated four-season sunrooms in Memphis. Because of our commitment to using advanced, energy-efficient materials throughout our sunrooms, our home additions meet all building code requirements and are permitted as additional square footage in the home, unlike traditional aluminum sunrooms. This means you can remove the wall between your sunroom and home without compromising on insulation or comfort, allowing natural light to flow uninterrupted throughout your house. We exclusively build our all-season rooms with high-strength composite structures and advanced multi-layer glass to create comfortable, livable spaces that can be effortlessly cooled or heated, without spiking your energy bill.

We'll help you create your dream
sunroom in Memphis, TN

Unmatched Expertise

When you work with LivingSpace Sunrooms, you have access to a full team of skilled engineers, designers, sales professionals, and expert installers from a nationwide network of construction and remodeling companies. We’ve partnered with Marshall Brother Home Improvements, a Memphis owned and operated full-service remodeling company with unmatched experience building sunrooms in Memphis and the surrounding areas.

Built to match your Style

Our sunrooms are unique in the industry in that they are truly 100% percent customizable and specially manufactured to match the design that you create with the help of our design consultants and engineering team. We can design and build an independently stable and engineer-certified structure to almost any design, so your imagination truly is the limit when you work with LivingSpace Sunrooms. We offer an impressive variety of interior and exterior customizations, including dozens of interior and exterior colors, ceiling finishes, flooring styles, window styles, and deck options. 

Unlike kits and sunrooms built from off-the-shelf stock, we design our sunrooms by creating a 3D CAD model of your home and digitally attach the proposed sunroom design. We can then modify the design any way you’d like. We can change the roof geometry, wall arrangement, window placement, height, width, or any other dimension, to fit your individual style, then manufacture the parts specifically for your build. Our structural components are manufactured and precisely cut with computer guided saws, to specification, in a controlled factory environment – not in your backyard. Furthermore, our windows are entirely custom-made, cut and framed to exacting dimensions at our facility, to be used exclusively in your sunroom for a perfect fit and finish.

Best-in-Class Durability

Hurricane-force winds, seismic activity, torrential rain, punishing desert heat – these are all conditions that we designed our sunrooms to easily withstand, without resorting questionable permitting tactics and corner-cutting, like the competition. LivingSpace Sunrooms stand alone in the industry because we can build any version of our sunrooms and conservatories to meet home building codes anywhere in North America. Our patented Amalon-Key-based assembly system, paired with our “Hurricane Header” in the frame, allows our sunrooms to withstand wind gusts up to 150mph without springing leaks. 

In areas prone to earthquakes and tremors, our sunrooms are engineered to flex ever so slightly, like high rise buildings, to meet the same requirements for home construction in states like California and Oregon. The exterior finish on our composite structures is highly UV-resistant and is fully warrantied against fading and discoloration. When we build sunrooms in Memphis, they’re designed to evenly expand and contract as the occasional January snow swings back into hotter temperatures, unlike aluminum structures with steel screws. The same expansion and contraction in aluminim sunrooms causes the steel screws to back out, opening gaps for air and moisture to enter. Enjoy the sound of pouring rain against the glass, and the brilliance of lighting flaring in the distance, while you stay dry in your sunroom, confident that you don’t have to worry about leaks or durability in a LivingSpace four-season room.

Quick and Easy Installation

The ease of assembly for LivingSpace Sunrooms products, coupled with our experienced network of installers, means that the entire installation process should only last a few weeks from start to finish, and depending on conditions and the design, can sometimes be completed in as little as three days. The foundation can be laid with concrete, or we can quickly install a custom deck using EcoGreen deck panels, which provides exceptional insulation for the sunroom floor. The elegant simplicity of our Amalon Key construction system allows our sunrooms in Memphis to come together seamlessly, without the need for contractors to make on-the-fly cuts and adjustments in order to make the sunroom “fit”. Everything is simply designed to come together perfectly, straight from the factory.

The Most Energy Efficient Sunroom on the Market

One of the most significant advantages of choosing a LivingSpace Sunroom is the substantial increase in energy efficiency and thermal characteristics of our sunrooms over typical aluminum sunroom designs. We exclusively use fiberglass reinforced composite posts in our four-season rooms, which have far superior insulation (measured in R-Value) than typical sunroom components. 

Often, other companies will market their sunrooms as being built with “insulated” aluminum, which has a small thermal break in the middle, or is clad in vinyl. This type of construction, however, provides negligible insulation, and serves only to slightly slow the escape of heat in the winter, and the entry of hot air in the summer. We also use multi-pane Low E glass, which has exceptional insulation and advanced coatings that block infrared heat from the sun, while allowing visible light to pass through uninterrupted. Whether you’d like to build a comfy shaded sitting room, or an expansive cathedral room in intense direct sunlight, your room will be comfortable year-round, and easy to heat and cool.

First-rate Service for Our Memphis Customers

We take our commitment to building the best sunrooms in Memphis seriously, and we pair that with an expert team of install professionals, and a world-class lifetime warranty. At LivingSpace Sunrooms, we approach each project with the same guarantee of complete professionalism, unmatched quality, and unwavering support for our customers and their sunrooms. To learn more about LivingSpace Sunrooms, and to take the first step toward building the sunroom of your dreams, contact us or fill out a quote form today!