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3 differences between a conservatory and a sunroom

When you are considering adding a living space to your home, you might come across sunrooms and conservatories. Although some people use the terms interchangeably, they are actually quite different. Regardless of their differences, they both offer several advantages to homeowners.
While conservatories are different from sunrooms, they come with a unique set of benefits. The following are just a few that you can take advantage of when you build a conservatory addition:

• Increased curb appeal
• Perfect for gardening
• Great natural lighting

If you think you might prefer a sunroom addition, you can expect to enjoy after you have a sunroom added to your home:

• More living space
• Increased sunlight
• Insulation options

Despite having fairly similar benefits, there are at least three major differences between sunrooms and conservatories.


The largest difference between the two rooms is their purpose. While conservatories are designed for horticulture, sunrooms are more for recreation. For example, conservatories are great for providing plants with plenty of sunlight to grow while also protecting them from wind and cold weather. Sunrooms are designed to be an extension of your living space, whether you want it to be an office, family room, or dining area.


Unlike sunrooms, conservatories feature more transparent materials, such as glass, plastic, etc. In fact, conservatories typically have 50% glass on the walls and 75% on the roof. On the other hand, sunrooms usually have an opaque roof to reduce the amount of direct sunlight. It also isn’t uncommon for sunrooms to have walls without glass.


The other difference related to the materials is sunlight. Though you might think the name of a sunroom suggests it gets a lot of light, conservatories actually get more. This is largely due to the design and materials. Some sunrooms may have more sunlight than others, but it is uncommon for a sunroom to receive more natural light than a conservatory.

If you are unsure of whether you want a sunroom or conservatory, you can rest easy knowing thatLivingSpace Sunrooms offers both options. You can discuss your needs, budget, and ideas with our staff to help determine which is best for you. Reach out to us today by giving us a call or filling out our online form!