Enhance Your Local Sales by Building Trust Within the Community


Whether you are doing business in a busy metropolis or a suburban region, chances are that there are several remodeling companies that are all vying for the business of local residents. So, how can you stand out from the crowd without pushy sales tactics and breaking your marketing budget? The key to a quality contractor-consumer relationship is trust, and building that trust starts with grassroots efforts within your community.

Homeowners looking for a remodeling contractor want to feel confident knowing that the company they choose isn’t all about the profit. Instead, they want to work with a team that is connected to the needs of local residents and takes part in establishing themselves as a positive force within the community. Taking your marketing tactics back to basics and building up trust with potential clients is easier than you may think, and the following tips can get you started in boosting local sales while also making an impact on the community as a whole:

1. Jump In and Give Back
If you really want to do some good within the local area and make a good impression on customers, charity work is a great place to start. Sponsor a local little league team, attend community outreach events as a company, or take part in volunteer work that makes your community a better place. Not only will this add to the overall morale of your employees, it will also get you noticed when you’re regularly showing up to help out while wearing your company shirts and uniforms.

2. Take Initiative to Think Outside the Box
If you are doing business in a quiet area that doesn’t have a lot of big-name charity events happening, why not start one of your own? Brainstorm with your staff to figure out how you can give back to the community and get your name out there to potential customers. Whether you host a fundraising event or team-up with a local non-profit to offer your services or facilities for an outreach initiative, you don’t have to wait around for an event to pop up in order to make an impact.

3. Reach Out to Neighboring Households
Building trust in the community doesn’t have to involve a crowd of people. Sometimes, the most effective marketing comes from personalized interactions that establish a positive word-of-mouth reputation. One way to put your name out there while also demonstrating your respect for the community is by reaching out to neighboring homes when you being a remodeling project. Renovations are often noisy, messy, and potentially disruptive to other homeowners, so making an effort beforehand to explain the situation and expectations to neighbors can go a long way when it comes to community image.

4. Don’t Just Advertise—Educate!
It’s likely that there are many local homeowners considering a remodel where your services would be needed, but lack of information and intimidation in getting the process started can hold them back from taking the leap. To help out those who are on the fence about remodeling, consider hosting regular, informational seminars on topics that apply to both local homeowners and your services! These workshops are geared towards education instead of advertising, but your proactive approach to reaching out the community as an expert in your field is bound to get noticed.

5. Embrace the Power of Social Marketing
It is easy to focus all of your marketing efforts on web presence and online outreach, but there is more to marketing than social media! Organic marketing strategies are often the most effective when you are trying to boost local sales, so get out there and take part in the happenings around your town! When you interact with potential customers outside of a business setting, you are setting the stage for a solid foundation of trust and making your name stick out in the forefront of their minds when they are ready to move forward with their project.

Effective marketing plays a major role in the growth and overall success of your company, and taking an out-of-the-box approach to standard techniques can pay off in the long-run with future customers. By showcasing your company as more than just a “business” and truly caring about the local community that you serve, you can stand out from other remodelers and start building a name for yourself with word-of-mouth advertising.

At LivingSpace Sunrooms, we know that our high-quality products and innovative installation methods are some of the best in the industry, but we also realize that it takes more than that to grow a company! To get more information on how we can help you reach out to potential customers and create a winning business model, get in touch with our team. Request a callback today, and we can give you all of the details on our exclusive line of products and how we help our dealers make a big impact in a competitive market.

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