LivingSpace’s Sunroom Collections Offer a Variety of Selections

sunroom collections

LivingSpace Sunrooms offers three remarkable sunroom collections, each designed to help different homeowners complete their dream home. The three collections offer different customization options while maintaining LivingSpace’s commitment to quality. The Elements collection offers the greatest versatility in both design and materials, for homeowners with specific plans and a unique vision. The Transitions collection provides a wide range of customizations and attractive styling at an exceptional value. Finally, the Optimized collection brings together our patented technologies and industry-leading insulating materials in an affordable sunroom.

Elements Sunroom Collection

The Elements style is LivingSpace’s premier collection. It uses state-of-the-art building materials to ensure your sunroom is the best room in the home.  A vinyl-fiberglass composite structure combines with foam-insulated window moulds to provide unmatched insulating power. The EcoGreen roofing and flooring system more sustainably add R-value. Low E3 Neat glass keeps harmful UV rays out of your home, and the Neat exterior coating helps keep windows clean by causing rain to run off in sheets. Additionally, the robust brick mold gives the sunroom an unmatched efficiency rating.

The Elements Collection offers complete customization control to the customer. Elements sunrooms come in a wide array of factory colors made specifically to chemically bond with vinyl. Beyond colors, the elements sunroom collection offers 18 different window and door combinations to best match the style of your home. The knee wall can be made from either insulating glass or EcoGreen paneling. You can shingle the EcoGreen roofing system to match your home, and you can finish the room off with skylights. You can discuss all these options during your dealer consultation.

Transitions Sunroom Collections

If you don’t need 100% customization control, the transitions collection may be a better choice. It has a lot of similarities to the elements sunroom, and the room is still made with the same top-quality products. But, you lose some of the more unique customization options. For example, there are only three color options in the transitions sunroom collection. Nonetheless, these colors–white, tan, or clay–are a great fit for most homes. There are 12 of the most common window and door combinations to choose from to fit your home’s style.

Optimized Sunroom Collections

The optimized sunroom collection gives a simple and standard sunroom plan. The cathedral sunroom walls are 96” tall while studio sunroom walls are 84” tall. The floor is built with EcoGreen panels, and the roof uses a sturdy aluminum material that can withstand inclement weather. The optimized sunroom offers a custom floor plan within the rectangular preset. You are able to choose between white and tan colors and a selection of doors and window combinations.

LivingSpace’s elements sunroom collection offers the most customization options. Yet, each sunroom collection has the same state-of-the-art technology to allow year-round enjoyment.

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