Sunroom Designs: Piecing Them Together

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Clueless about sunroom designs?

It may be challenging to recognize what you are looking for in a sunroom when you start researching different products. Looking at pages for Cathedral sunrooms or Studio sunrooms can seem overwhelming, but these are common sunroom designs across each company you’ll talk to. Understanding the styles and purposes for each is critical. 

If neither of these designs fit with what you are looking for, you can explore the Integrated sunroom or the Specialty sunroom. Our Premier Partners are happy to help you determine which fits best for your home. 

Below, we’ll take you through each of our sunroom designs to help you know what you can expect at your in-home design consultation.

The Cathedral Sunroom

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The Cathedral sunroom is one of our most popular sunroom designs. It merges well with traditional home construction and offers the ‘wow’ factor people are looking for when they build a sunroom. This charm comes mostly from the room’s high, vaulted ceilings. The triangular section of the Cathedral sunroom, called the gable, brings additional sunlight into the house and extends your view of the outdoors.   

There are many different options you have when building a Cathedral sunroom. In a Cathedral sunroom, ridge beams are required by building codes as a structural component. Many people accessorize this ridge beam with a decorative ridge beam cover. This dresses up the room so you can subtly show off your style.  You can choose to cover it with an aluminum skin or with a wood veneer finish. 

Most of the people we talk to like to spend time with friends and family while using their Cathedral sunroom. One customer said her family loves to eat meals and drink coffee in their sunroom, and another said that friends and family gravitate towards the sunroom as if the rest of the house didn’t exist. 

The Studio Sunroom

sunroom designs

Other people may see a Studio sunroom as a better fit for their home. This sunroom design fits well with modern architecture, and like the Cathedral sunroom, is a frequently requested design. The Studio sunroom is defined by its single-eave roof that slants downwards towards the front of your sunroom and the rest of the yard. 

Since Studio sunrooms don’t have the same tall windows that Cathedral sunrooms have, many people choose to include skylights in their sunroom designs. This gives owners a chance to let sunlight hit each part of the room during any time of the day. Skylights aren’t only useful during the daytime, though. On a clear evening, you can lay under the skylights and admire the stars. 

Our Studio sunrooms are used mostly as a quiet area to enjoy the morning or evening. Some families turn their Studio sunroom into a living room that they can rest in before and after dinner. Others make it a transitionary room between the pool and the rest of the house. 

The Integrated Sunroom

sunroom designs

Some people already have an existing spot in their home that they want to transition into a sunroom. Under these circumstances, an Integrated sunroom will be the best option. Our Integrated sunrooms transform covered patios into spaces that can be used throughout the year as an all-season room. 

It’s important to understand the intent of the room as you consider moving from a patio room to an Integrated sunroom. With a patio room, you can enjoy the wind in your face on a temperate summer evening. During the winter, though, you can’t close a window to block out the freezing temperatures. 

If you want to enjoy the winter in a patio room-like environment, you will need some insulation, which comes standard in a true, all-seasons sunroom. The sunroom’s design lets people enjoy the best parts of a patio room and extends its use beyond the perfect weather days.  

The Specialty Sunroom

sunroom designs

If none of these options seem to fit your sunroom designs, then the Specialty sunroom is available to give you customization control. With this style, we’ve built many different types of sunrooms, including rooms with two stories or rooms with eight walls. 

We’re able to accommodate different types of sunroom designs because of the quality of our materials and the incredible skill and know-how of our engineering team. Our engineering team has designed and developed our own patented system allowing our customer’s imaginations to run wild. This system ensures you get what you want while giving you a  lifetime of reliability from our sunrooms. 

By creating a sunroom exactly to your sunroom designs, you also can know that you’ve created a one-of-a-kind room to enjoy with family and friends.

Looking for inspiration?

We have a few different resources for those looking for their own sunroom design. Our Instagram page is a perfect spot to find different sunroom designs or decoration options. Likewise, the families we work with each have unique motivations that lead them to add a sunroom onto their home. Our YouTube page helps illustrate some of these stories. 

For decoration ideas, our blog can be a great resource. We have guides on sunroom furniture and indoor plants to give you different ideas to work with. You can also look to resources from design blogs or publications like Lonnythe Spruce, or Southern Living. 

If you are still stuck, feel free to ask your Premier Partner for help. By requesting a quote, you can meet with a contractor that has unparalleled experience working with sunroom designs and customers like you. They will have suggestions based on the rooms they’ve worked in and can help fulfill each portion of your dream sunroom. 

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