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enclosed sunroom

When people are looking to add onto their home, they don’t often consider building a sunroom. But they should! Enclosed sunrooms are fun and unique areas that help you unwind from the day.  

We build enclosed sunrooms across the country. This past year, we visited the Swick family to hear why they wanted a sunroom and how they’ve enjoyed it since. 

Buying an enclosed sunroom: Mary and Mitchell Swick from Pataskala, OH

The Swick’s have lived and worked in the Columbus community for years; Mary as a hospice worker and Mitchell as a school bus driver. The two had always wanted an enclosed sunroom in their home. They love sitting in the sun and enjoying the outdoors, but the Ohio bugs are too pesky in the summer for them to fully enjoy their yard while outside. They spent many years enduring the outdoors, but once they started growing older, the bugs started becoming more annoying. So, they decided enough was enough. 

The couple knew that our Premier PartnerOhio Exteriors, installed enclosed sunrooms, so they called to set up an in-home consultation. After seeing a few pictures from the LivingSpace brochure, they were ready to build. 

“When we first got the sunroom, we had a futon couch, so in the fall and in the spring mostly, when it’s really nice out, we’d open up all the windows and we’d sleep out here. It was magnificent – just like camping out.” 

enclosed sunroom

The couple now spends 75% to 80% of their time throughout the year in the sunroom, and it makes them feel like they’re in a vacation home each time they walk in. Saturday or Sunday mornings are great times to relax while eating a late breakfast, and both Mary and Mitchell love enjoying nature while still feeling the cool breeze of the ceiling fan on their faces.  

They’ve also mentioned that the enclosed sunroom is easy to maintain. Mitchell will take the power washer out once a year to spray the parts that don’t get much sunlight. Likewise, he’ll try to wash the windows once a year, but sometimes they agree that they’re not dirty enough to need cleaning. 

Over the last few years, the couple has debated downsizing their house. As their kids have moved out, it’s felt a little bigger than they would like. For the most part, though, conversations have halted. Both Mary and Mitchell don’t want to move into a home that won’t have the memories and enjoyment their enclosed sunroom has given them. Instead, they would rather stay in their current home and enjoy the sun together. 

Together, the couple has enjoyed five years watching rabbits, squirrels, and deer run across their lawn as they sit in their sunroom. With no intention of moving on, they’re looking forward to the years to come. 

Bring the sunlight into your own home

There are many reasons why an enclosed sunroom should be included in your own home’s design. Like the Swick family, many people live in an area where sunny summer evenings are ruined by heat, humidity, and bugs. With a sunroom, you can enjoy the sun again. Schedule your own in-home consultation with one of our Premier Partners today and see if the project is right for you. 

For more sunroom stories like this, check out our blog here.

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